Inspiration for characters FROM characters- new blog segment

I do not create my characters… they create me.

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Starting this week I will beginning a new segment to talking2myselves. Seeing as there are over 300 developed “characters” in this noggin… and I say “characters” very hesitantly to describe my babies whom I love dearly and live and breathe to me… as much as my fellow readers…

well anywho! What I mean to say is…

my characters will be posting on my site as admins themselves. If they wish to share a part of their life they’re going through they may post it!

I hope that getting to share my babies from their point of view instead of me speaking for them, I can share a little bit of my daily “process” (so to speak) with you.

I cannot stress enough that my learned ability to listen within for their voices… connecting with them and formulating meaningful and lasting relationships… letting them live and breathe not only as a part of me but separately as well, is THE key reason my world and characters have authenticity.

So please… if you’re having a hard time connecting with your inner family, talk to mine– or even roll play as one of your own characters.

What would Rebecca say?… and answer those questions until Rebecca starts sassily answering them for you.

From my family to yours,




Inspire Daily- ed.5


A quote from my favorite series, Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya… Momichi nailed this one.

…To not forget a single memory can be painful. We’ve all suffered through hard times in our lives– times we would rather forget. But if we are to remain true to ourselves in this life, we must incorporate every  memory… because it is especially those painful memories that shape us into the beautiful human beings we are.

Remember and embrace my loves,