Inspire Daily- ed.6


For us life planners, this can be a hard one to follow (myself included).

Looking back, my life has not gone according to ANY of my plans… but somehow I’ve ended up in places better than I could have ever dreamed imaginable.

Let go of the pressure of perfection.

Do what you love, relax and open your eyes to life’s surprises. If you’re so caught up planning out your future, you won’t have a chance to appreciate what’s right before your eyes.

Yours always,


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4 thoughts on “Inspire Daily- ed.6”

  1. Awesome post 🙂 It’s so tough sometimes to step back and remember that we don’t have to be perfect. I know it’s something that I struggle with. This is a great reminder to appreciate things instead of worrying about perfection all of the time. Rock on!

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