Inspire Daily- ed.7


Emerson often reminds me of things all too important to forget, but this one really hits home.

For the ambitious type… planning for dreams ahead to become possible and constantly learning from our past mistakes in order to grow can entirely consume our lives. If I know one thing about myself it’s that I routinely forget to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

My talents and my jobs become my sense of identity- which can become dangerous all too quickly. When writers block hits, it’s personal! Suddenly, not only will I not be able to write for a week… anxiety rears its ugly head and my entire future is doomed, as well as my self worth.

I should be focusing on the bigger picture… remembering…

I am more than my dreams and ambitions. More than my accomplishments, my talents and my “successes” or lack there of at times.

We are enough. As we are. Nothing need be added.

Always yours,


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