New Beginnings

Just as each season in nature brings change in its path, so too do the seasons of our lives…

… So it seems my new season has begun! (To entertain my rather corny metaphor). It’s been a long while since I’ve visited my poor neglected blog… but this time I’ve come back with a clear change in mind. I’ve remodeled my site and given it a new direction.

A Year of Inspiration will be as much a journey for me as it is for you. In the beginning of each week I’ll be deciding a new topic to enjoy life by. That’s a bit oddly put… so for example: This weeks topic will be mindfulness. So all week I’ll be focusing on making sure I live mindfully- whether I practice meditation, yoga, eat healthier or simply catch my negative thoughts. At the end of the week I’ll do one big post detailing my experience and how my point of focus effected my day to day life. (But really guys… mindful living… that’s this week’s topic!

I haven’t spent enough time with this doohickey yet to figure out if I can post videos… but I’m hoping I can throughout the week if I get time to try something really interesting. If not, I’ll be posting those through my site’s Facebook page and Instagram.

M’lovely partner in crime Gregory will also be posting as an admin of the page with short stories based on the weeks theme! This all is still in the pilot stage so things may change if the format doesn’t end up being as helpful as I’d imagined… but I’m hoping that in doing this I will recreate a healthy relationship with my passion for writing while also nurturing a better attitude and relationship with myself and life in general.

Thank you always and I hope you enjoy A Year of Inspiration!

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