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Coming soon: Comic Pilot in the Making

In 2014 I travelled to the southern United States with inner-city youth from Detroit. Before that trip, I knew that racism and inequality of all kinds existed– but that experience opened my eyes to a whole new level that I had not been exposed to before.

During that trip, the concept for my graphic novel Shattered Mirror was born– a story of nonviolent living and fighting back against social inequality.


With my recent internship completed, I came to a realization that commercial art, while lucrative, is not what I need to do with my life. I want to feel my art… to raise my voice toward a higher cause and use what little influence I have to make the world around me a kinder place.

Join me as I launch Shattered Mirror!

To new beginnings!


3 thoughts on “Coming soon: Comic Pilot in the Making”

    1. We passed through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. For half of the trip, we stayed at the King Center in Alabama. After that we stopped in Mississippi. That’s really where things hit and where we saw racism. I know that the entire state is not racist, but the company we ran into and the way we were treated was appallingly different than anything I’d seen in Michigan before. They had to blockade the roads and give us police escorts because a local KKK group had heard that there was a bus of us coming through and were watching us? And there was news that a boy was hanged less than a month before we were there for holding hands with a white girl. They told my friend and I to stop acting so close when walking around because they feared something might happen… it was just bone chilling to me and sad.

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      1. There are parts of the south where this type of behavior still exists. I will say that it is usually in very rural parts, but I guess any dysfunction can rear its ugly head.


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