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La mémoire se Fane she whispered… and then whispered she

This life is not mine and you are not me

Perhaps just a fraction… perhaps just a start

A small tiny fraction of what makes the whole heart


She did not like she but she adored she

She wondered what time she stopped being “me”

When she laid forfeit to this life of her own?

To be Eleanor Rigby every time she left home?


Hiding behind this mask she called she…

When, she wondered… will I become “me”–















Ghost Stories– Looking for a Writing Group

With the launch of Shattered Mirror’s pilot just beginning, I’m realizing just how much easier this series would be to approach with a team rather than with myself alone. Averaging a page a day… it will take approximately a year per volume and If I’m comparing my story to other comics it reminds me of length and content wise… that could mean 20 years until this series is complete.

With that being said… does anyone have any recommendations on where to find writing groups or places to look for collaborative artists and writers?

I’ve been looking on Group Me but so far I haven’t found anything promising in my area.

Thank you always,