Best of Friends– Flash Fiction

“Seriously?” Vivian answered the door. “I extend a peace offering and this is the best you can give? What even is it, a fucking Costco cake?”

“Well excuse me for not knowing what you’d like! I’m usually too busy saving my own neck in our encounters! Or was I supposed to stop as you had a knife at my throat and ask if you prefer chocolate or vanilla?” asked Darryl. 

“Ok, that’s enough you two!” Aubrey chimed in. “You’ll have to excuse him Viv, he’s not used to being civil.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Excuse me?” Darryl said, “I’m right here, you know?”

“Hmm? What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your own arrogance” said Aubrey.

“Oh I’m the one who’s arrogant? Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

“I thought you two were getting along?” said Vivian.

The two looked at each other. “Yeah, we are. He knows I’m kidding,” said Aubrey.

“If you say so. Come on in, let’s have some of that cake it looks delicious!”

“What the hell,” said Darryl.


~Fioza Leigh


Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

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