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The Delivery of Raphael– The Daily Post 2

~Delivery- a setting free from something that restricts or burdens~


♥ .    ♥ .    ♥ .    ♥

Raphael stooped and stared out of the tiny window of his living quarters– the only space that allowed any light to shine through. He wondered how it was that it had all come to this. He knew his father was proud of him… that running the family business was a thing he should be proud of. He had always liked the idea… had always been proud that it came so easily to him… wasn’t he?

But now, there was him. He had entered his life and delivered him from evil like Jesus Christ himself he thought cynically with his distaste for such beliefs. Now there was warmth… now– no pain. He wondered if he had ever allowed himself to truly feel before He jumpstarted his long dormant heart.

Everything was different now. How could he continue this business… this venture of treating human beings like animals? He hadn’t thought much of it before… hadn’t even seen it in that light in fact. But now, all at once– he wasn’t sure he was right.

©Fioza Leigh



The Daily Post


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Glaring– The daily Post 1

I look in the mirror at a distant reflection

and from the glass, Nothing looks back at me

“Remember the days you used to be free?

Remember the days before you knew me?”


A fist curls, replacing where my hand used to be.

Lifting up, I thrust it at Nothing

Glass flies, threatening and glaring until Nothing is no more

With the illusion shattered, I can finally be me.


The Daily Post response: Glaring

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Daily Writing Prompt 1- “And then it was gone”

Inspired by the phrase “… and then it was gone”… write! Post below with a link if you wish to share, I’d love to hear your voice.

I don’t mind what kind of writing, how long or anything like that. No guidelines, no nothing– just inspiration and words. I love these too much to not do them daily so that’s what I’ll be doing. I hope they are as therapeutic to you as they are for me.

Enjoy and happy writing!


Here’s a piece of my own:


I came to you… skeptical and hidden.

A bird with reservations and expectations in mind–

Wings spread and threatening to fly.


Fear dictated my every move shapeshifting strings and wood out of me–

All that was left, only puppetry–

as my eyes tore away from the that which lay ahead– 


Tangled and dangling head thrust side to side trying to see ahead then behind

Mind stuck in reverse eyes to the sky– 

Everything visible but present time.


Forward and backwards, backwards and forward I limped my way awkwardly toward the light

Until I reached the end


I stood at the edge of my journey– untangled, looking back at that which I could now see–

And then it was gone…







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If I came with a warning label, it would read “poison”

If I came with a warning label, it would read “poison”

Keep locked away, no contact with persons

No contact with self else lie in the wake

Of the girl before… before I did take–


Away all the semblance of what once could be

Devoured my passions, destroyed my own dreams

My own worst enemy I’ve proven to be

Don’t stick around or you’ll become me


… completely emo I know… but man has it been one of those times lately…





Do you have a passion for Social Change? Want to make a difference but don’t know how?

Submit your writing, art, videos or any other media to THE RESISTANCE SYNDICATE

The Resistance Syndicate is an online gallery I started to make art that speaks and says something about Social Changes that need to be made to bring us closer to equality and nonviolence.

I can’t do this alone. Please share your work with me and together we can have our voices be heard.

Thank you,

Fioza Leigh


Share your work– a networking opportunity

So, I’ve always wanted to make a difference concerning Social Change and I haven’t completely acted on it until now. A few years ago I traced the path of Martin Luther King Jr. and was educated in the ways of Nonviolence at the King Center using the same curriculum that was passed down to the Freedom Fighters of SNCC. That trip opened my eyes not only to the terrible violence of America’s Civil Rights Movement, but to a world of violence that is still happening all around us...

To make what waves I can, I’ve launched an online gallery called “The Resistance Syndicate”. It’s a gallery for all forms of art- illustration, writing, dance video you name it. If it makes a statement about making the world a better place I want to see it, and I want to share it with others to make our collective voices heard.

VISIT https://jamcow13.wixsite.com/resistancesyndicate to submit your work! If it’s something you’re interested in I can’t do this on my own, I’m gonna need a lot of help from fellow artists.


I don’t care if you’re 5 or 95– I want to share your voice. Let me share what you have and someday this gallery could help gain a lot of exposure and attention toward some much needed changes!

Thank you for reading,

Fioza Leigh

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Gender Identity

Original artwork~ Check out more at talking2myselves.com


It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m back. Several jobs and internships have passed and I’m convinced now more than ever that I need to follow the life of my dreams. If it doesn’t further me on my path to become a storyteller and artist than it won’t serve me well.

Because of this change of heart, I am redoing my site (once again… A.D.D I know!) and will be repurposing it later to show not only commission art and the likes, but to showcase my progress with my Graphic Novel in the making “Shattered Mirror”.

In the next month, I’ll be working on a short pilot version of my novel. I look forward to your thoughts, comments and criticisms.

Thank you always for your support and I’m excited to re-enter this lovely community.





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Week #1– Mindfulness… I’ve been doing this all wrong!

I’ve practiced mindful living before… how hard could this be?

Boy, could I not have been more wrong! In the beginning, I had imagined this week’s challenge panning out so differently than it did in reality– but I guess reality has a habit of doing that to our visions now doesn’t it?

For this week’s challenge, I attempted to cultivate inspiration through mindful living. Attempt would be a good word to describe it! Not to be hard on myself but really… what ended up happening was anything but what I had planned. What I had expected was mornings eased into through yoga and meditation, getting outside and getting in touch with and my inner dialogue while trying to make it more… eh… should I say, forgiving? (There’s a special word to describe how she usually talks to me, but I’ll save your eyes this time.)

What I did realize– however backwards and unorthodox the journey it took– really did open my mind to how I can nurture a more mindful practice in my day to to life from this point forward.

Try leaning into the discomfort instead of denying it the validity it holds in your life

“Try leaning into the discomfort instead of denying it the validity it holds in your life” my grandmother suggested from across the diner booth table. I took a moment to munch on my hash-browns and paused to truly process what she had said. It was simple, just like she had mentioned… something we all latently knew inside, we just need to hear it phrased the right way or be reminded of every now and again for it to hit us. But man did it hit me then.

Every day I was waking up trying to find a schedule that would distract me from my worries and anxieties. When I was stressed, I would leave the house and go for a walk or do a short meditation where I stopped thoughts if I heard them coming to me or go to the gym to exercise my body so I stopped focusing on my mind. And yet, whenever those activities were finished, there were my anxieties… sitting there– waiting for me. Never once did it occur to me to listen to them… to give them the time of day and acknowledge that they did hold some validity. (Even my insecurities and insecure… sheesh talk about needy!)

But really! Our anxieties, even when blown out of proportion, usually do hold a grain of truth and reasoning behind them. Take mine for example:

  1. Continuing my education– “You’ll have to go back for at least four years… and that means dealing with four years worth of American college bills and debt” (valid) “You’ve already spent three years pursuing art and now you’re switching to a different field of study? Takes a lot of time. (valid) “Oh my GOD! I’m gonna be poor and overworked until I’m forty and it’ll probably take that long to even enter my field of study! (… ok now, slow down there mind… not really valid)
  2. Getting a new job– “I have these dates I requested off at my old job… but now I have to tell my new boss I can’t be there all these days after just starting!? (valid… though my future boss is a human being who understands having a life)
  3. Balancing art commissions– (no wait… all invalid. Completely invalid. Nothing but over-perfectionism and unnecessary worry)

So really… how much is there to worry about? Way less than our minds trick us into thinking there is! And doing mindful practices the way I did this week is like having all the right shiny new tools but not having a clue in the world how to use them.

From now on, I want to live walking hand in hand with my emotions.

From now on, I want to live walking hand in hand with my emotions… to take little moments to identify what I’m feeling, acknowledge the good and the bad, and allow them to take the space they deserve– not the space my previous ways have allowed them to hold.

Although finding inner peace was a bust, I’d say this “failure” has taught me more than I could’ve asked for. With my eyes opened I’ll walk toward a brand new week.

See you next time




New Beginnings

Just as each season in nature brings change in its path, so too do the seasons of our lives…

… So it seems my new season has begun! (To entertain my rather corny metaphor). It’s been a long while since I’ve visited my poor neglected blog… but this time I’ve come back with a clear change in mind. I’ve remodeled my site and given it a new direction.

A Year of Inspiration will be as much a journey for me as it is for you. In the beginning of each week I’ll be deciding a new topic to enjoy life by. That’s a bit oddly put… so for example: This weeks topic will be mindfulness. So all week I’ll be focusing on making sure I live mindfully- whether I practice meditation, yoga, eat healthier or simply catch my negative thoughts. At the end of the week I’ll do one big post detailing my experience and how my point of focus effected my day to day life. (But really guys… mindful living… that’s this week’s topic!

I haven’t spent enough time with this doohickey yet to figure out if I can post videos… but I’m hoping I can throughout the week if I get time to try something really interesting. If not, I’ll be posting those through my site’s Facebook page and Instagram.

M’lovely partner in crime Gregory will also be posting as an admin of the page with short stories based on the weeks theme! This all is still in the pilot stage so things may change if the format doesn’t end up being as helpful as I’d imagined… but I’m hoping that in doing this I will recreate a healthy relationship with my passion for writing while also nurturing a better attitude and relationship with myself and life in general.

Thank you always and I hope you enjoy A Year of Inspiration!