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Comatose– Flash Fiction

Aida could feel the slow unhinging of her jaw and the ease that overcame her muscles as they slowly melted toward the soft cushion of warming sand at her back.

The rhythmic hum of the waves lapping gently nudged the thoughts of her day further and further from her conscious mind.

Called to respond, her eyes flapped open- struggling against the glaring orb directly above her in a fleeting and futile attempt to resist slipping into the numb embrace of relaxation- just as they always had and felt obligated to since she had started this work nearly twelve years ago.

With a deep sigh, the air wafted the familiar scent of warmth and fish and the soothing taste of salt to her body. 

Delivering the final numbing blow- her mind succumbed to the spiraling grip of sleep.

One last thought remained, echoing like a taunt: I wonder… could they feel the pain?


~Fioza Leigh


Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash


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Making a Comic- more progress! 

Well that face about explains it ladies and gents! The point of no return! It’s amazing what such small steps can do. 

Since I started my baby steps toward bringing Shattered Mirror onto paper, so much has changed. Completing page 3 now, all at once I’m feeling empowered that my dreams are indeed possible and battling fears that this journey is too much for me to tackle alone. 

Either way, I love these characters too much to not let them live anywhere but my head… so push ahead I will! Inking will start today so keep posted for some really finished pieces!

Cheers to the journey ahead! 


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Week #1– Mindfulness… I’ve been doing this all wrong!

I’ve practiced mindful living before… how hard could this be?

Boy, could I not have been more wrong! In the beginning, I had imagined this week’s challenge panning out so differently than it did in reality– but I guess reality has a habit of doing that to our visions now doesn’t it?

For this week’s challenge, I attempted to cultivate inspiration through mindful living. Attempt would be a good word to describe it! Not to be hard on myself but really… what ended up happening was anything but what I had planned. What I had expected was mornings eased into through yoga and meditation, getting outside and getting in touch with and my inner dialogue while trying to make it more… eh… should I say, forgiving? (There’s a special word to describe how she usually talks to me, but I’ll save your eyes this time.)

What I did realize– however backwards and unorthodox the journey it took– really did open my mind to how I can nurture a more mindful practice in my day to to life from this point forward.

Try leaning into the discomfort instead of denying it the validity it holds in your life

“Try leaning into the discomfort instead of denying it the validity it holds in your life” my grandmother suggested from across the diner booth table. I took a moment to munch on my hash-browns and paused to truly process what she had said. It was simple, just like she had mentioned… something we all latently knew inside, we just need to hear it phrased the right way or be reminded of every now and again for it to hit us. But man did it hit me then.

Every day I was waking up trying to find a schedule that would distract me from my worries and anxieties. When I was stressed, I would leave the house and go for a walk or do a short meditation where I stopped thoughts if I heard them coming to me or go to the gym to exercise my body so I stopped focusing on my mind. And yet, whenever those activities were finished, there were my anxieties… sitting there– waiting for me. Never once did it occur to me to listen to them… to give them the time of day and acknowledge that they did hold some validity. (Even my insecurities and insecure… sheesh talk about needy!)

But really! Our anxieties, even when blown out of proportion, usually do hold a grain of truth and reasoning behind them. Take mine for example:

  1. Continuing my education– “You’ll have to go back for at least four years… and that means dealing with four years worth of American college bills and debt” (valid) “You’ve already spent three years pursuing art and now you’re switching to a different field of study? Takes a lot of time. (valid) “Oh my GOD! I’m gonna be poor and overworked until I’m forty and it’ll probably take that long to even enter my field of study! (… ok now, slow down there mind… not really valid)
  2. Getting a new job– “I have these dates I requested off at my old job… but now I have to tell my new boss I can’t be there all these days after just starting!? (valid… though my future boss is a human being who understands having a life)
  3. Balancing art commissions– (no wait… all invalid. Completely invalid. Nothing but over-perfectionism and unnecessary worry)

So really… how much is there to worry about? Way less than our minds trick us into thinking there is! And doing mindful practices the way I did this week is like having all the right shiny new tools but not having a clue in the world how to use them.

From now on, I want to live walking hand in hand with my emotions.

From now on, I want to live walking hand in hand with my emotions… to take little moments to identify what I’m feeling, acknowledge the good and the bad, and allow them to take the space they deserve– not the space my previous ways have allowed them to hold.

Although finding inner peace was a bust, I’d say this “failure” has taught me more than I could’ve asked for. With my eyes opened I’ll walk toward a brand new week.

See you next time




Inspire Daily– ed.3


Self doubt is a formidable foe. Let’s do our best to fight it from within by becoming conscious of our own inner state daily 🙂

By replacing even a sliver of that doubt with trust… anything is possible my friends.

So stop fooling yourself. You know what you have to do… now go do it!


Always yours,



Time to see the dreams…

Off to bed, but before I go I wanted to share a quote with you!




…So even for those of you calling it a night with me, may your dreams be sweet ones. And those of you greeting the morning, go out there and make your dreams a reality 🙂

It may seem overwhelming at times– the amount of work needed to make them come true. But if you live every day with the belief that anything is possible… these baby steps will become a foundation to the life you’ve always imagined.

I love you to the moon and back,



Thank you!

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100 likes and 50 followers in a week and a half!

Thank you all for your amazing support and love 🙂 I’m blown away by all of you beautiful people!

To return the love I will be adding a daily segment to my blog for inspirational quotes to help get your morning started right!

Thank you again and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us,



My Artwork is Added!

No story is complete without showing all of its sides… so why haven’t I shown you all of mine?

I’ve decided to add a page specifically for my Concept Art and other artworks.

To check out the full gallery you can visit my Concept Art page.

I have been drawing ever since I can remember, however I began my classical training in the arts in 2012 and have been pursuing a degree in Concept Art ever since. I hope to work as a concept artist for an animation studio… fingers crossed Pixar one day!

Until now I have had little to no freedom over my assignments. However, this semester I am working alongside the coordinator of my program to start learning the digital painting skills I need to succeed in my field.

What I’ve added is just the beginning! I hope you’ll follow me in my journey this semester as I tackle digital art and bring my sketches to life 🙂

Thank you all for your continued support.

Much love,




Never Stop Dreaming



We all get stuck in that rut sometimes.

“My story’s not good enough”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“I’m a nobody… why would they want my story?”

Fight that rut my friends! In this life, you must be your own cheerleader! No one else can see what you hold inside of your soul… and that’s why it’s so important that you don’t loose hope.

There are millions of people in this world and literally no other story just like yours. If you don’t tell it, nobody else will.

And that’s a beautiful thing if you think about it. So…


There’s no need to fear dears…

And if you are afraid or stuck, I’m always here for inspiration and support 🙂

May you always find happiness,