As I lay here in the dark peace of night, I often wonder to myself if there’s something I did not do quite so right. A forgiving smile opens upon my heart and frees me from my mistakes- fore in seeing all that I have now… all that I have become… I can only wonder how I could regret such decisions that led to this end.

Live… learn… love… forgive… but do not regret the very endeavors that shaped you into who you are. Wear your achievements and your blunders upon your sleeves in equal pride and you will learn to accept all others, as to do so you will have truly accepted yourself.

~Fioza Leigh-Rhodes

(An excerpt from my novel Remus and Romulus)

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Why do we write?

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For the pure joy of it I believe. So why then does writing often become an overbearing sense of work and responsibility even for the most passionate of writers?

Brain says: You’re a writer for God’s sake Fioza! You MUST get these ideas out of your head. It’s not enough to keep them inside.

Body: acknowledges the truth in this statement… but continues watching T.V.

We can all relate to some degree, yes? That paralyzing fear. You don’t realize it’s there at first. You give yourself a break and excuse the familiar writer’s block on something more conveniently faced. But time passes swiftly and sooner or later you have to face the facts.

“If I try… I might fail.”

…but if I try, I might succeed. Why is it that most times when we human beings speculate, we gravitate towards the worst of scenarios?

Well, I don’t know about you guys but I want to break this cycle. I miss the days before I went to school for what I love– The days where my passion was not also my work.

I’ve started Talking to Myselves to help not only myself but hopefully you as well. I’m on a journey– a journey to reconnect with my childhood self– a self full of wonder and excitement. A self full of stories and characters so loving they kept me company when no one else would. A journey to give my inner family the voice they deserve.

Showing up is the hardest part I believe. So this is me showing up. This is me, spewing words and strings of consciousness in hopes that by holding myself accountable I can once again be in touch with the hundreds of characters left lying in my head. And hopefully, my journey can be an inspiration to you to help you to do the same.

Have a great day loves. May you always live the life of your dreams,

Fioza Leigh-Rhodes